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We make commerce flow.

Nile is an integrated, end-to-end commerce agency.  We help retail suppliers and ecommerce brands master the fundamentals of commerce and unlock scalable, sustainable growth. We offer a comprehensive suite of bespoke solutions across 6 disciplines of commerce including Data, Creative, Media, Retail, Ecommerce, and Logistics.  

6 Disciplines of Commerce.


Over the last 7 years, we have successfully helped our clients receive placement for over 1,000 items in national retailers in the United States. Today, we manage over $400m of retail sales at Walmart alone. How? Our success lies in meaningful relationships with decision makers that trust us. That trust was earned by driving strong results for our merchant partners by consistently bringing them compelling, new item assortments that drive incremental growth and accomplish their department and company-wide initiatives.


Commerce is evolving. Ecommerce growth is the highest priority for most national and global retailers. Retailers are placing new responsibilities on their suppliers to help drive traffic and conversion to their online marketplaces. Our Ecommerce Account Managers provide end-to-end support to help our clients accelerate their growth online.


Good information leads to good decisions. Everyday we provide our clients recommendations. Those recommendations are based not only our decades of retail and ecommerce experience, but on the real time data we are constantly capturing across all the disciplines of commerce. The insights we provide our clients from our Data Analytics and Insights team is at the core of how we help them achieve scalable, sustainable growth.


Thinking like a Designer means being strategic. It means creating solutions that solve problems and have purpose. It means intentionally influencing behavior. Inputs need to map to outputs. Our creative team are not merely artists, although they are some of the best artists in the industry of commerce. They are trained in the science of physical and digital merchandising which follows a mature process of product and content development with proven results.


In days past, it was the retailer’s job to drive traffic to to the stores. Now, it’s considered is a shared responsibility and merchant partners reward their suppliers handsomely when they can significantly boost online traffic and conversion to their product listings. Our media team creates tailored and compelling marketing strategies to do just that.